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Slick Life Tuesday Blend Project

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Published on Jul 12, 2012 by BlendProjectTV

July Tuesday Blend Project

Working with some of the best in the Performing Arts Scene,
Mixed Media Artists, Local/Non-Local Musicians and more.
THE TUESDAY BLEND is a monthly event in which we take a chunk of
everything HIP and MIX it perfectly to create the ultimate night of
fulfillment with the collaboration of the performing arts scene!
  This event was specifically put together to show/spread love
for the dance and provide artists with an opportunity to present
their respected PROJECTS in front of an accepting crowd of peers &
party goers.
There are no competitions and reason to prove who is better than who,
let's simply UNITE & IGNITE as one.

Showcases Organized by: Las Vegas & WHK

Directed, Edited & Produced By Slick Life

Slicklife - Run It (official video)

It's All Good